Locksmith Crowthorne: Tips for Burglary Prevention in Summer

Locksmith Crowthorne have seen an increased amount of burglaries over the summer months which could have been prevented. Your possessions and space is both sacred and private. Our mission is to aid people in the local community to secure their homes and possessions as we find that security measures is the most effective option to ward away those pesky burglars.

Your home is up to 5 times more likely to be a target for burglary than those with some very basic security measures. Good locks on windows and doors can make a huge difference.

With the warm weather now upon us, even windows and doors with good locks fitted that are left open cannot prevent an intruder. These months are the most common for those taking holidays, the trick is to still make sure that your home is still lived in.

The amount of trauma and loss of goods can sometimes be irreparable and irreplaceable so here at Locksmiths Crowthorne we want to give you some prevention tips and advice that is inexpensive and easy to follow:

  • all windows and doors should be locked whenever you leave the house, ensure they are fitted with BS (British Standard) locks
  • if you must leave windows open in the night, be sure it’s not on the ground floor
  • do not leave valuables on display, close curtains and blinds where possible
  • install security lights at the front, exterior and possibly the sides of your home
  • if you’re out, leave lights on or set a timer to switch on and off at various times
  • set your burglary alarm, if you don’t have one then invest in a dummy one
  • never leave ladders outside your property
  • ensure your shed and outbuildings are secure and do not leave things on display
  • store away any valuables and precious items in a safe or secure place

If you are going away on a holiday, whether for a weekend or a few weeks, here are some further tips from your local locksmith in Crowthorne that may help prevent your house from being burgled.

  • use a timer for light switches and radios when it begins getting dark
  • double lock and secure all door and window locks
  • cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries
  • ask trusted neighbours to collect mail, open curtains, leave their car parked on your drive and generally help make the house looked lived in as well as asking them to keep an eye out
  • consider Royal Mail’s ‘keepsafe service’ where they can keep your mail for up to 2 months
  • try to avoid telling everyone your holiday plans and dates, especially on social media

Locksmiths Crowthorne offer a free no obligation security risk assessment. One of our security specialists will attend your property at a time most convenient to you and carry out our specially devised survey. You’ll receive your personalised report which will point out any weak spots around your home and suggest improvements on your security. We can even offer a list of priority measures and different options depending on your budget. At times just some simple free advice from us can decrease your chances of being burgled.

Get in contact now for your FREE no obligation security risk assessment by calling 01344 204 905.

Crowthorne Locksmiths, keeping our community safe.

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